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Gratitude Can Be A Lighthouse

We often find ourselves adrift in the delightfully unpredictable journey of life, awash with a tsunami of tweets, texts, and TikToks. Ah, but Brené Brown, that guru of gutsy grace, tossed us a lifeline: gratitude. Whether we're knee-deep in the muck of life or skipping in the sunshine, gratitude is our trusty compass to inner peace.

Children in looking at each in shadows out of gratitude

We're all in this wacky lifeboat together, rowing through a sea of confusion, stubbed toes, and 'why me?' moments. But then, out of nowhere, comes that heart-stopping, Instagram-worthy joy that makes us go, "Wow, life's pretty awesome." That's our cue to high-five gratitude.

It's a shared human scavenger hunt for moments of joy that zap our breath away and doodle on our hearts. So, why not hug gratitude like a cherished old teddy bear?

Research throws us this no-brainer: Gratitude isn't just nice; it's necessary. Gratitude gives us emotional muscles and a mindset as stretchy as a yoga instructor– it stretches us, grounds us, and helps us grow. Every 'thank you' we whisper, shout, or sing lights up our world a little more and gives our sacrifices some serious street cred.

A family holding hands in a line showing connectedness

And let's talk about our mini-mes. They're looking to us, wide-eyed, wondering if the boogeyman of uncertainty is real. Newsflash: we're all in the same 'What on earth is happening?' boat, trying to find our way without a GPS.

Our kiddos are looking for a beacon in a stormy sea. Guess what? We're that lighthouse, shining a light of 'now' instead of 'what if.'

If we can hit the pause button, inhale confidence, and give our kids a bear hug, saying, "It's okay, kiddo; I've got you," we're nailing it in their eyes.

We've been brainwashed to always want more, to feel like we're not enough, chasing after the next shiny thing. Thank you, ads and Instagram gurus. But guess what?

Gratitude is our secret weapon. It's like the North Star in a stormy sky.

Remember 2020? That year was like a long, dark night of the soul and way too long. But here's a fun fact: No dark, no light. Living our truth means understanding that you can't have a rainbow without a bit of rain. Gratitude helps us hug the scary and happy moments like they're old friends.

Children walking hand in hand on a beach with joy

Fast forward to 2023, and we're wiser, telling everyone, "Hey, the light's there – just squint a bit."

Honestly, saying 'Thanks' to both the good and the bad is what keeps us REAL.

Joy, that sneaky little emotion, pops up when we least expect it – all because we remember to say 'Thank you' to life's ups and downs. It's about inviting joy, that shy guest, into our lives with open arms.

So, as we surf the wild waves of change, let's hunt for those glimmers of light in the dark. They're like little high-fives from the universe. Teaching our little humans to be thankful is like giving them a treasure map to their hearts.

Remember: change is the only constant in our lives.

So listen to them – they're like mini philosophers with the most mind-blowing insights if we just hit pause and tune in. Listen always.

As we surf through these tumultuous times, Finding those glimmers of light in the dark is like discovering a secret garden. By encouraging our little ones to say "thank you," we're not just teaching manners but giving them a flashlight in life's dark corners.

A child walking on a path down to a lighthouse in the distant

We can't predict their journey, but we can arm them with gratitude, resilience, and a joy radar. This sets them up to be future lighthouse keepers in someone else's storm.

Their laughter, thankfulness, and truth-telling? That's their superpower, lighting up the world one giggle at a time.

Shine on, little ones, shine on.

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