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Fall Into Your Visual Sense

How many of your children have come home from school complaining about the lighting in the school? Maybe they have mentioned it hurts their eyes, they feel tired, or have a hard time focusing? What about when you or your family have gone to a fair or pumpkin patch? There is always so much to see there with the lights, rides, food stands, crowds, and more. Has it ever felt quickly tiring, or maybe found yourself in an irritable mood after being there for a while? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it may be worth looking into the rest of this blog about sensitivity and preferences surrounding your visual sense.

Our visual (sight) sensory system provides us with 80% of the information we receive regarding our environment. It is highly sensitive and works closely with our other systems as well. Our visual system is very sensitive to movement, colors, lighting, patterns, etc. Sometimes this system can naturally be over-responsive, which means that the sensory experience is too much for the brain and body (i.e. hard time focusing or feeling fatigued in a brightly lit room). Sometimes this system can be naturally under-responsive, which means the body and brain are not getting enough visual input or the eyes struggle to receive input(i.e. hard time finding items in an ISpy book). Our vision system comes online a few weeks after being born and quickly allows us to scan for safety and learn about our environment.