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The Value of Continuing Therapy in the Summer Months!

As the school year comes to an end, many parents may be wondering if they should continue their child's therapy sessions during the summer months. After all, kids are often out of school and have more free time, so they may not seem to need as much support. However, there are actually many benefits to continuing therapy during the summer.

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1. It can help to maintain progress. Therapy can be a long-term process, and it can be easy for kids to regress if they don't continue with sessions. By continuing therapy during the summer, kids can maintain the progress they've made and avoid backsliding.

2. It can help to address new challenges. The summer can bring new challenges for kids, such as changes in routine, spending more time with extended family, or dealing with difficult emotions that come up during vacation. Therapy can help kids to cope with these challenges and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

3. It can provide a safe space to relax and de-stress. The summer can be a busy time for kids, with lots of activities and travel. Therapy can provide a safe space for kids to relax and de-stress, and to process any difficult emotions that they may be feeling.

4. It can help to build relationships. Therapy can help kids to build relationships with their therapist, which can provide them with a sense of support and stability. This can be especially important during the summer, when kids may be feeling more isolated from their friends and classmates.

If you're considering discontinuing your child's therapy sessions during the summer, I encourage you to talk to your therapist about the benefits and drawbacks. Each child is different, so what works for one child may not work for another. However, I believe that the benefits of continuing therapy during the summer outweigh the drawbacks.

Here are some additional tips for parents who are considering continuing their child's therapy sessions during the summer:

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  • Look for a therapist who is available during the summer months, often more openings are available. Some therapists offer summer hours or online therapy sessions different then the school year..

  • Talk to your child about their thoughts and feelings about continuing therapy. Make sure that they are comfortable with the idea and that they are motivated to continue working on their goals.

  • Set realistic goals for the summer. Be consistent and predictable with therapy being a regular event creating a sense of comfort and security for them.

  • Be flexible with your schedule. Things may come up during the summer that make it difficult to attend therapy sessions, therapists also take vacations. Be prepared to reschedule or make adjustments as needed.

Continuing therapy during the summer can be a great way to help your child maintain progress, address new challenges, and build relationships. It is also a good time to start therapy as therapist often have more space in the summer, thus you can get into the therapits schedule more readily. Waiting till fall will result in delays as requests for service increases.

If you're not sure if therapy is right for your child, I encourage you to schedule a consultation with a child mental health therapist. They can assess your child's needs and help you to decide if therapy is the right option for them.

*** Being willing to pay out of pocket for services or see a graduate level intern at a decreased fee will enable you to get your child into services much faster.

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