Gratitude & Vulnerable Moments of Joy

Right now there are so many messages being thrown out into the world, knowing which one to grasp can be elusive. So I will say, that by practicing gratitude when in pain, hardship, & joy you will find inner solace.

We are all experiencing pain, confusion, & struggle. Yet, we are here for each other. We still have those glimpsed moments of vulnerable joy, the ones that catch our breath. The ones stamped on our hearts of memory, it is time for gratitude.

It is in moments of thankfulness that our humanity returns and our sacrifices will have meaning. Time will pass naturally, don't miss out on your opportunities to practice gratitude.

It is in these moments that our children will remember they are safe and they belong, as you leave a touchpoint on their heart and theirs on yours.

Dr. Brenè Brown speaks to "Cultivating Gratitude and Joy: Letting Go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark" in all of her books on shame resilience and authentic living. This particular statement comes from “Gifts of Imperfection” as one of her guideposts for living authentically. It fits so clearly in this time of year especially during the global pandemic and social unrest our society is currently experiencing.