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Gratitude Starts With You

As we deal with post-pandemic effects, students have faced many challenges adjusting to sudden changes. Whether it be in family situations or school life, many feel uncertain and stressed over our circumstances.

As a high school student, I recognize that school can be very stressful during this fall season. Assignments, deadlines, and for some, college applications, – can take over any positives for the school year. However, taking a moment to recognize the little bright moments goes a long way.

It gives us time for inner reflection, reevaluating what we have and what we don’t.

During this season, Dr. Brenè Brown discusses the importance of practicing Gratitude, “practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there's enough & that we're enough.” So, I urge students to take on this challenge by posting something you’re grateful for using #gratitude2022.

Need some ideas?

Think of a teacher/staff member who you felt supported you or simply brought a little positivity to your day! Think of a peer who brought a smile to your face. Or think of those moments when the whole class has a shared struggle, like studying for a difficult science test. Pay close attention to how these moments made you feel regardless of how big or small the moments were. Then write them a little thank you note, with whatever you would like to share with them!

With gratitude,

Rahma Gaye

Capital High School Senior

Fill in the image below, and send a note to someone to share in the

#gratitude2022 challenge.



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