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Feeling like Eeyore these days? We ALL are.

It has been over 50 days since the stay at home order was given. Our society has been running on adrenaline and cortisol for too long. Due to this, you may be experiencing the same as us, the tip over into hypoarousal. Hypoarousal is when the body begins to shut down psychologically, mentally, and physically. We have no energy to do anything, we have overall malaise and little to no motivation. Some may call it the “groundhog day effect,” in that we struggle to remember the day of the week, what we last ate, and our daily habits are unraveling around us even with our best intentions. You are not alone! Even the professionals are feeling it.

This move to hypoarousal is a survival state. A way for our bodies to protect themselves from stress by shutting us down. It can make our days feel long, overwhelming, and irritating. Leaving us with feelings of depression. Depression is real and a reflection of our current emotional and physical state of being. Depression doesn’t have to get to clinical depression before it affects us. So many of us have been dealing with increased anxiety and worry for several weeks and now we have moved into this depressed blah state of being.