It's time for Six!

Six is in between two worlds. While Six still has curiosity and wonder, they are quickly approaching a more concrete world. Six may seem oppositional and stubborn, and may frequently change their mind. One minute they want to do something themself and the next they are asking you to complete tasks that they have known how to do for awhile, like tie their shoe. This is a normal part of Six’s increased sense of independence. 

Six is becoming more independent and adventurous! However, they still need routine and structure to make them feel safe. Visual schedules and plans are helpful at this age, and Six will flourish when you let them help make the schedule. Six are active beings! It’s a challenge for Six to sit at the table at meal times, and they need extra encouragement to do so. Testing rules and structure as they discover their independence is part of being Six, thus the NEED for routine and structure. 

Six have strong emotions and bigger bodies especially under stress or when hungry and/or tired, compared to Five.  If you notice your Six becoming more emotional, feed them! Keep snacks readily available. Bedtime can remain challenging for Six so they may need a security object or more reassurances and comfort. Six’s imagination is still in full swing and with that comes some uncertainty. Monsters still could be in that closet. With Six, bedwetting and accidents may increase when there is a stressor such as: parental conflict, school starting back up, or other big changes in their world. 

Six is very sensitive to criticism and correction, as they seek approval from their parents, teachers, and friends. It’s fun to watch your Six gain self-esteem with each success. Six tend to be competitive, often creating new rules and cheating to win at games. Six wants fairness yet struggles with losing. This is an important social skill so remember to teach this skill, not punish it. Six values their friendships, often seeking friends who are similar to themselves. Encouraging playing fair and trying things their friends like are important skills for Six.