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FALL into Your Vestibular Sense

Fall brings about fair rides, fallen leaves, and slippery school slides. Many adults and children love all of the fair rides and school slides, while many do not. Some people find they cannot get enough of the teacups, and others get nauseated at just the thought of the teacups. Some children beg to slide for hours on the playground, while others want to sit on the ground and color with chalk. Some adults and children rake the leaves into a pile and jump in over and over again. Other adults and children find jumping to not feel good to their bodies. Everyone’s body is different, thus everyone’s vestibular sensory system is different.

Our vestibular sensory system is in charge of tracking our movement in the world. It lets us know if we are moving or not, if our feet are off the ground or not if our head position is up or down or spinning around, and it informs us if we are balanced or not. Sometimes an individual’s vestibular system can be over-or under-responsive to these changes in our body.