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Toys for your fidgety kid & self!

Cary, Olympia Therapy's owner, is often asked about what sensory fidgets and items she has in her clinic when she presents to the public on Play & Sensory Processing Disorder, Playful Regulation, & Playful Wisdom Parenting.

In our clinic we have sensory fidget toys in all of our treatment rooms to aid in calming, distraction while talking, and engagement in play. Research tells us that if we are meeting our body's need for regulation, our brains can process information more easily and verbalizations come easier. Our tactile, visual, and auditory sensory systems can often be regulated together with many hands-on fidget toys pictured below.

The more senses you can work to regulate simultaneously the better for your body. By regulating our senses we are telling our brains that our bodies are calm and open to feedback. This happens during meditation and mindfulness too. You know you have found the right fidget for you when you “can’t stop” playing with it. It is often at this time, we notice we are fidgeting and put it down or stop. We are all are born with sensory sesnitities that impact our daily lives. In fact 1in 5 of us have significant sensitivities to avoid or seek out ways to calm our bodies. Our lives our stressful and our children's are as well. Work to find the strategies you and your child need for healthy and calm regulated lives. When we are regulated we are happy!

I challenge you to embrace your sensory needs and fidget yourself to regulation!

Some of our favorite fidgeting toys can be found below!

Happy fidgeting!- Cary

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