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Choosing the Right Therapist for your Child & Family

When a child is born, parents don’t receive a manual for how to parent. Parents are left to figure out to develop and nurture a healthy child by their own experiences of what to or not to do. There is societal shame around “getting parenting right” and yet we are all in the same boat! Parenting is hard work and full of unknowns! It lets you know all that you don’t know, creates anxiety about getting it right, and feeling like once you are on topic they have grown and moved onto the next challenge. This is particularly difficult when you know as a parent that “something is up,” “this just doesn’t feel right,” being told “they will grow out of it,” or “what are you doing different.” You seek out support and answers, oftentimes this is online which then sends you into “where and what is right?”

Seeking out help is a sign you want to be the best parent you can be for a child. Each child is different and unique, full of character and life, so where do you turn to for guidance? Once you have decided to seek out this help how do you know where to turn? What do the letters after someone's name mean? What kind of training do they have? How will I know they are the one for me and my child? These are all questions parents ask. So we created a cheat sheet to help you know the basics.