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These sessions are for those wishing to do this transformative work in a one-on-one experiance. With Cary Hamilton, you will be able to work through any of the 3 workbooks of Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, & Rising Strong in private sessions. Also, available is Braving the WIlderness & Dare To Lead process sessions.


During the 8 sessions, we will work through the lessons and apply specifically to you the learning and teaching of Dr Brenè Brown's research. These sessions are psychoeducation & application focused. This not counseling in the traditional sense, rather my knowledge is used to hold a safe place and to apply the lessons to your life, by holding them in confidence, with empathy, & compassion for your growth process. Wholehearted living with authenticity & courage is no simple task, it is daily practice & application of learning. Cary is here to start you on the path to daring greatly & rising strong in your own life. You will also have the ability to have check-ins to enable you to stay on your new path of being brave daily.


Payment plans are available: Simply select "Manual Payments" at check. We can then set up with a schedule and payment plan. 


I look forward to joining you in writing a brave new narrative.- Cary Hamilton


Private Growth Sessions- 8 sessions

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