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Currenlty Online Individual or Family work available.

- Individual  $140 x10hrs is $1400  

- Family offered at $450x (5x 2 hr) blocks at $2250.00


This group is run at Olympia Therapy.

This ticket is for the group Gifts of Imperfection™ course. This ticket gets you access to a live facilitated session in a small-group environment. 


About GIfts of Imperfection™ Be You! Get into the freeing work of learning how to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. This group wroks you through the Guideposts of Wholehearted Living. You are invited to join us into a wholehearted life of greater joy, courage, gratitude, and authenticity.


What does the cost cover?

Participants of the this group will receive:

  • Thoughtful placement into a group of individuals who will help support each other’s growth.
  • The support of a licensed clinician that has been intensively trained and certified in facilitating The Gifts of Imperfection™️, The Daring Greatly™ materials The Rising Stong™ Workbook workshops full of handouts and exercises.
  • Other supplies to make group a successful experience
  • Yummy snacks
  • A life changing experience


Group is run at Olympia Therapy.( CURRNETLY ON HOLD)


This is process psychoeducational group not billable to insurance.


Gifts of Imperfection- Guideposts for Wholehearted Living

  • We offer refunds and returns on a case by case basis.

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