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For Children 
Play Therapy 

Why Play Therapy is Necessary for Children  

Children are not cognitively capable of engaging verbally with adults in a manner required by traditional psychotherapy. (click here to see further video explanation). Play is a child's natural language and provides a therapeutic approach that is child-centered, evidence-based, and very effective for dealing with:

  • Trauma & Transitions

  • Neurodiversity supports

  • Cognitive struggles

  • Social Emotional struggles

  • Anxiety & Worries

  • Life changes & Events

  • Depression & Behavioral outbursts

  • Many more


Play therapy is covered by most insurance plans. Years of research have shown play therapy to be highly effective for the treatment of adolescents and adults as well as children. Click here to see why play therapy is critical when treating children.


Play Therapist Credentials

At Olympia Therapy, several of our therapists specialize in play therapy. Criteria for the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential is very strict, and Olympia Therapy is dedicated to providing you and your children the highest quality care. Licensing requirements include:

  • Master's degree or higher in mental health

  • 2 yrs & 2,000 hours of clinical experience

  • 3 yrs & 3,000 additional hours for RPT-S

  • 150 hours play therapy clinical experience

  • 500 additional hours for RPT-S

  • 50 hours of play therapy supervision


Play Therapy Benefits

Through play therapy, a child client can:

  • Build trust

  • Learn proper socialization & positive behaviors

  • Learn proper emotion regulation

  • Decrease anxiety & externalizing behaviors

  • Increase problem-solving skills

  • Improve communication skills

  • Increase self-esteem

Why play is powerful
What to expect in play therapy & powers of play

A Play Therapy Room at our office

Play Room in OT
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