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Parenting Classes

Parenting Basics in 2024

With Cary M. Hamilton LMHCS, RPTS, CMHS, CDWF

Online Psychoeducational Seminar

This is the FIRST seminar we are launching to support the ever-increasing mental health crisis for children and teens. There are not enough providers specialized in child mental health, so I wanted to bring the basics to parents and caregivers, as you are the ones in the trenches trying to manage the layers of stress and concerns you have for your family.

The mental health challenges faced by our children and teens continue to be complex and multifaceted. As a parent/caregiver, keeping pace with these changes while providing the right support can be daunting. This seminar is designed to empower you with the facts,  current trends, and noteworthy information required to understand the complex landscape our children and teens are experiencing daily.  

Cary will address the unique mental health issues that children and teens face in 2024, from navigating digital landscapes to dealing with ever-increasing stressors of expectations, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression they are all experiencing.  

Understand the latest neuroscience research to understand how your child's/teen's brain develops and functions typically and post-COVID. This insight is crucial in recognizing and responding to their emotional and mental health needs. Learn the best way to respond to the core of these issues. 

As busy parents, we understand your time constraints. Our online format allows you to participate from the comfort of your office or home, and if you miss it, Cary will send the recording to you for later viewing.

This seminar is ideal for parents, guardians, and caregivers of children and teens who are looking to enhance their understanding of modern mental health issues and learn effective parenting strategies for youth who have experienced immense stress, have neurodivergence, and are struggling academically.

January 8th, 2024 at 12-1 pm, Online-Free


Sign up today to embark on a journey toward understanding and supporting your child's mental health.

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Child Parent Relationship Therapy Classes

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is an evidence-based program designed to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children. This therapy focuses on providing structured one-on-one attention with your child, and teaches you how to do what the therapist does at home. Through problem-solving exercises, positive reinforcement, and roleplaying, CPRT can help parents and children build a stronger, more secure relationship. CPRT goes deeper and gives you specific actions to do at home with your children. Think of it as an intermediate class.

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