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Our Vision

We envision a society where every individual, regardless of their neurological makeup, age, culture, race, or gender, is provided with the necessary tools and support to navigate through life’s journey with confidence, dignity, and grace. Empowering a world where neurodiversity is understood, accepted, and celebrated as a unique aspect of being human.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is you. We’re here to walk alongside individuals of all ages, families, and those under stress on their journey to wellness. Our commitment is to provide therapeutic solutions that feel personal, accepting, and affirming. With a strength-based and neuroaffirming approach, we offer specialized therapy and education programs tailored for each unique person across all cultures and races. Our goal is to help unravel the complexities of trauma and the human experience. By nurturing self-development, we aim to instill healthy life patterns that transcend generations and improve relationships, all while honoring and celebrating diversity in every form.

How we can help

Child & Play Therapy

Tween & Teen Therapy

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Adult Therapy

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Family Therapy

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“... At its most basic level, psychotherapy is an interpersonal learning environment…we tend to learn best when supported by a nurturing relationship with an empathetic other.”

– Cozolino

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Hi, I'm Cary Hamilton,

Owner & Director of Olympia Therapy

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We continue to post mental wellness tips and parenting suggestions on social media to help manage stress levels at home.


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