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Hello my name is Cary Hamilton, Owner & Director of Olympia Therapy. As guidelines for social distancing continue, we want to recommend our current clients to utilize Telehealth or Telemedicine. Many have asked what is Telehealth? By definition; Telehealth is the use of digital communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services. We use a Telehealth platform based in our electronic health record(EHR) called Simple Practice. Your medical records are already held on this platform that is HIPAA compliant and up-to-date in medical information storage and compliance. Through this platform we can video conference with you from your computer or mobile phone. It is completely confidential and encrypted for your safety. Although we know this can be awkward and different at first, we are using this modality to do our part to maintain social distancing and still uphold your medical care and mental health. If your child is too young for Telehealth appointments, this is a wonderful time for parents to be receiving Child Parent Relationship Skills, that everyone at Olympia Therapy is trained in. 


At this time we are requesting you engage this modality for your Mental Wellness. This option ensures your Mental Health needs are being met for you and your family. If you are finding that stress is low and you are no longer in need of services, we request you let your provider know so that we can open up space for new clients in need of Mental Health services. 


We ask you to please EMAIL our office at info@olympiatherapy.com for scheduling and communication as we can guarantee multiple people see email. We work to answer emails daily. We continue to post to social media, mental wellness tips and parenting suggestions to manage stress levels at home. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to you and your families in as many ways as possible. So please follow these outlets if you are not already. I will be sending out weekly a newsletter to support those not on social media. 

For new clients, please email the front desk( info@olympiatherapy.com) to get placed on our waiting list so that we can make sure we won't miss supporting you during this time. 


Thank you,

 Cary Hamilton

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